— AIGA SLC 100 show
packaging + identity

a reflection on my art journey.

The prompt was to make 4 different packages for a user-created brand that visually belong together. I created the brand Aekō, which sells art supplies.

As an artists I had always struggled with an urge to be wholly original. I often put myself down when I was not able to come up with a strictly original idea. After much internal reflection, I came to embrace being inspired by other artists.

Aekō sounds like Echo. I likened reflections as the visual parallel of an echo: An altered form ariving to the viewer from a different perspective.

Aekō encourages a reflection of self.

I used red and blue watercolors to create an aetherical look for each product.

The process for creating the packaging allowed each one to have a one-of-a-kind watercolor design.

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A visual reflection of aesthitic illusions